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Choose from a variety of information on the lignite industry.

Lignite Energy Council Events Calendar
Check out what's happening in the industry for 2005.

News Releases
Lignite Energy Council news from 2004-2005.

Lignite Updates
A newsletter highlighting Lignite Energy Council Activities published bi-monthly for state officials, legislators and the general public.

Energy Success Stories
Monthly features from Partners for Affordable Energy on noteworthy accomplishments in the energy industry from 2001-2005.

Lignite Energy Council Fact Sheets
Various fact sheets including information pertaining to the lignite industry:

  • The Story of Lignite Energy: Powering our Economy

  • The Lignite Industry & TRI: A Fact Sheet

  • The Kyoto Protocol and Its High Cost to Farmers

  • Fueling the Future: Preserving & Growing the Lignite Industry's Economic Contributions to North Dakota

Mercury Fact Sheets
Regional electric utilities have undertaken voluntary steps and invested in research to reduce mercury emissions. A summary and five fact sheets tell how these utilities are working together with prominent researchers to discover efficient and cost-effective methods to control mercury releases.

*Some of the documents are formatted in Adobe PDF and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.



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