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How the Program is Funded:
The Lignite Research, Development and Marketing Program is funded by approximately 10 cents per ton from the North Dakota coal severance tax. With annual production at approximately 30 million tons per year, about $3 million is available each year for the R&D program.

Funding Since the Program's Inception:
Since the Program was started in 1987 through August 1, 1999, over $27 million in funding has been awarded to nearly 125 applicants. These funds have been matched with other funds to support over $260 million in lignite research, development and marketing.

Funding Available for the Current Biennium:
Based on the $3 million that is available each year for the R&D program, approximately $1.1 million is available for demonstration projects, $900,000 for small research projects, $250,000 for marketing studies, and $190,000 for administration.

Meetings & Grant Round Dates:
Grant round deadline dates include April 1 & October first of every year.  In addition, other special dates may be established by the Industrial Commission of North Dakota.

How to Submit a Grant Application:
Information on how to submit a grant application
If you need additional information, please contact Harvey Ness at:


1016 E. Owens Avenue, PO Box 2277, Bismarck, ND 58502 i (701) 258-7117 or 1-800-932-7117 i Fax: (701) 258-2755