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The Lignite Industry's Impact
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Each year, the NDSU Agricultural Economics Department conducts an economic impact study on the lignite industry.

The lignite industry directly employs 3905 people in North Dakota. For every direct job provided by the lignite industry, another four+ jobs are needed to supply the industry with goods and services. Thus, there are 18,122 indirect employees. Total employment is 20,027.



Lignite industry expenditures are $584 million. Each dollar spent by the lignite industry circulates through the state's economy another two times. Thus, total business activity is more than $1.7 billion in North Dakota.



The lignite industry generates over $76 million in state tax revenue.



Source: "North Dakota Lignite Energy Industry's Contribution to the State Economy for 2003 and Projected for 2004," March 2004, Randal C. Coon & F. Larry Leistritz, NDSU Agricultural Economics Publication AAE 04002

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