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The Lignite Industry is one of
North Dakota's Largest


According to the NDSU Agricultural Economics Department, the lignite industry is the state's fifth largest industry behind government, agriculture, tourism and manufacturing.  Oil / natural gas is ranked sixth.

  • Government
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Manufacturing
  • Lignite
  • Oil / natural gas

Source: R. Coon & L. Leistritz, Unpublished Data, Department of Agricultural Economics, NDSU, 2001

..... and is the largest in the Bismarck-Mandan area

The economy of the south central region of North Dakota, including Bismarck-Mandan, is highly dependent on the energy industry.

The energy industry (coal mining, coal conversion, and petroleum and natural gas extraction, exploration and refining) accounts for 44.3 percent of sales for final demand (activities which lead to a net inflow of income wealth from outside the state).

  • 44.3% - Energy
  • 26.2% - Federal Government Outlays
  • 16.7% - Agriculture
  •   6.5% - Tourism
  •   6.3% - Manufacturing

The south central region of North Dakota includes the counties of McLean, Sheridan, Mercer, Oliver, Burleigh, Morton, Grant, Sioux and Emmons.

Source: Coon & Leistritz, 1997, Sales for Final Demand By Economic Sector, unpublished data. Department of Agricultural Economics, NDSU.

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